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Greetings Earthlings! My name is Natalie. I am a Reiki Master and certified Chakracologist. I am studying Healthcare Leadership, Aryuveda and Tse Dup Energy Healing.

I started my website to share my knowledge of the chakra system, reiki, astrology and other metaphysical ideas with a community of like minded people. I like to inspire people to be their best self and make decisions from their heart. As I developed my healing practice, I realized how much of healing is simply holding and creating space. Wild In Bliss has allowed me to share all the ways in which healing is a ritual of self care.

When I am not in outer-space I enjoy traveling, experiencing all different types of cultures, falling in love with everything, crime documentaries, nature and thought provoking conversations. I think life is supposed to be enjoyed.

Writing is my first love, Wild In Bliss is my truth. Healing the world seems to be apart of my mission. I love everyone who reads and connects with me.

Thanks yall!

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