Greetings Earthlings

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Virgo Sun | Gemini Rising | Aquarius Moon | Venus in Leo | Mars in Libra 

" I am the beauty of god and the beauty of god acts through me"


I am a Reiki Master and certified Chakracologist.  I started my Youtube channel last year to share my knowledge of the chakra system, reiki, astrology and other metaphysical ideas with a community of like minded people.  I like to inspire people to be their best self and make decisions from their heart.    My bubbly personality and old soul wisdom create a fun monthly energy forecast for astrology and metaphysical nerds. My readings are intended for those who are committed to co-creating their universe, raising their consciousness and put their spiritual & emotional health first. 

When I am not in outer-space I enjoy traveling, experiencing all different types of cultures, falling in love with everything, crime documentaries, nature and thought provoking conversations.  I think life is supposed to be enjoyed.  

Writing is my first love, Youtube is my new voice.  Healing the world seems to be my mission.  I love everyone who reads and watches me. Thanks ya'll <3