Greetings Earthlings



Thank you for visiting my website.  

Wild In Bliss is my co-creation with god.  Wild In Bliss  was conceived while I was backpacking Australia and getting ready to transition my life from California to Tennessee.  I became aware of my divine duty to be an inspiration and teacher for people looking to connect with their higher self and live a life of true meaning. I knew if I created Wild In Bliss I could develop a conscious global community with all the friends I have met all over the world.  

Wild In Bliss empowers those who are honoring their  vibration, choose to live mindfully by co-existing with mother earth and who surrender to their higher self.  

To live in bliss is to live in a state of perfect happiness.  Everything in the universe is divinely planned and there are no accidents.  Therefore everything is perfect and it is up to you to live in a state of bliss. This state of being is true freedom.  Freedom is Wild In Bliss.

I hope to share my thoughts and writing with you in hopes of inspiring you in the variety of ways you can raise your vibration and honor your energy.  I think it is important now more than ever for our entire planet to connect with our higher selves.  

I offer tarot, reiki, chakra balancing and meditation sessions as well as my monthly tarot readings for each zodiac signs because all of these practices help me daily to stay grounded my life path.

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The teacher in me honors the teacher in you