The Bliss Beauty Guide To Libra Season

All of these products were curated with the current astrology, season and our chakra body health in mind. All products are vegan and chosen for their holistic and aromatherapy properties.  

Yay! It is Libra season, or for all you non-astrological folks, AUTUMN is here! With the change in seasons comes a change in our beauty routine. Connecting to the herbs and aromas available right now through your beauty products will help your body and skin easily balance the shift in season.   Libra energy is very flirtatious and partnership oriented, so don’t be surprised if these products boost your sex appeal or have you feeling your self!


Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is spending it's Libra season in the sign of Virgo, a very health and purity oriented sign.  There is no better time to begin trying out new holistic beauty products and get rid of all those toxic factory produced chemicals you have been rubbing on your skin!   Easily connect to the Venusian energy with this Touch of Venus spray from Ritual Botanica.  Venus is the planet of love and the essence of divine feminine energy.  The topical application of this herbal spray will ignite the goddess within and seduce all who are near.   The main ingredient is the herb Lady Mantle. Lady Mantle has been used by alchemist dating back to ancient times.  Alchemists would wake up in the early dawn to collect the dew drops from its petals.  The dew and herb were used in alchemical transformations and love spells because it is a powerful aphrodisiac.  I have been spraying this all over my body and in my hair after the shower. It instantly boosts your sexy femininity!


Venus is the queen of the heart.  Our hearts are both physical and emotional energy centers.  All of our passions are experienced and acted out of our heart center.   The human heart is the only organ in the human body without its own defense system.   The heart is a metaphor for the unconditional love we are supposed to give and receive.  Having a healthy heart not only enhances your emotional life but your entire immune system.  


The Bless Your Heart Tea from Wooden Spoon Herbs is a herbal remedy for the physical and emotional heart.  The blend of violet, hawthorn, holy basil and hibiscus supports strong hearts, levels blood pressure and aids in heart ache.  I caught a cold last week and drank this tea religiously.  I healed my cold in 2 days.  Now thats some magic! 


As the season changes to a colder climate many of us may begin to get colds, runny noses, sore throats or coughs.  Breast Butter from Wooden Spoon Herbs is applied to our energy heart center aka breasts.  The herbal remedy in the butter boosts your body's Lymphatic system which increases white blood cell production and improves your overall immune system.  A healthy and active lymphatic system is vital to not getting sick heading into the winter months.  


I actually caught a cold this past week and rubbed this lotion all over my lymph not just my breasts but my entire neck also.  I instantly felt the area pulsing more and more as my lymph nodes got a much needed energy boost.  The Breast Butter doesn't have an odor like most 'medicinal" creams which I really enjoyed.  The texture is a nice and thick consistency that isn't messy or too oily.  This is one of my favorite finds! 


Libra season is the start of cuffing season.  Partnering up and cuddling seems to be our nature when the leaves and temperatures drop.  Libras are very known for being partner oriented.  Most Libras don't even realize when they are flirting or leading people on.  What is more flirtatious than a radiant smile? To get your mouth ready for all that smooching you need the tooth powder and lip scrub from Botanica Bunny.  


Activated charcoal absorbs stains, bacteria and plaque from your teeth, making it the best all natural teeth whitener.  I started using this 3-4 times a week in the shower and instantly noticed a difference in my smile and dental hygiene.  


The lip scrub is a oat and cinnamon recipe that you can literally eat!


Gently rub over your lips to have your kisses tasting like a cinnamon roll.  


The colder weather is notorious for dry and cracking skin.  Prepare your skin before the harsh winter months with lots of moisture and sweet seasonal essential oils.  Oat and honey soap from Bliss Bath is available on my online store.  Honey and oat are very moisturizing to the skin. The oat acts as a gentle exfoliant.  All of my soaps have a higher amount glycerin than store bought soaps because of the whole milk, coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil base.  All of these oils in the soap reduce the amount of lotion you need to use.  Vegan soap is great for your face and private parts because there is no chemicals added! 


After the shower apply Pumpkin Spice Body Shimmer from Miss Violet Lace .  This body shimmer will have you beaming with radiance. You can use it as a full body lotion or as a makeup highlighter.  The oil and herbal essential oils will make you smell like freshly baked pie and pumpkin spice late.  I wouldn't be surprised if some vampire or cute boy tried to take a bite of you with this sweet autumn aroma.  This body shimmer will transform you into a walking glittery yankee candle.  I've been waiting to order this since I first found it on Instagram in June!  This body shimmer is one of my favorite autumn instagram store finds of all time! Be sure to follow Miss Violet Lace because she has seasonal body shimmers with different scents and colors! 


Kissable cheeks with the body shimmer for a highlighter! 


Everyone's favorite holiday Halloween is during Libra season.  I've been planning a haunted Sleepy Hollow road trip through the amazing autumn scenery on the east coast with my best friend for years so I got really excited when I saw this Sleepy Hollow tincture from Ritual Botannica. The Sleepy Hollow herbal remedy is a relaxing sleep aid that takes your straight to the dream world.  Mix with water to avoid a bitter taste and hit the pillow with your bae, or if your like me, your cat.  


Vegan beauty products are all about enhancing our personal beauty by using the bontiful herbs, plants and aromas availabe to us from Mother Earth.  Connecting to the seasons and the planets helps our body adjust and thrive in every climate.  By combining seasonal vegan beauty products into your self love routine you can tap into all the power and benefits of the Libra energy to utilize it all your upcoming endeavors.   


Let me know which products you loved or what your favorite vegan beauty products are! See ya'll in Scorpio season <3

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The Vibe Guide :: July 2017 Tarot & Energy Forecast

So in all these videos I tend to touch on fighting demons or as I like to call them, low vibrational entities….let me explain.  


Ya’ll we did it.  We cast and bound the fucking demons.  THE LOWER VIBRATIONS WERE OUT IN JUNE TRYING TO CREATE CHAOS AND MAKE YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG PATH!  We went down to the underworld and came back out BETTER. We chose to rise up instead of stay small. Pat yourself on the back.  The underworld looks different for all of us, whether we were in poverty, toxic relationships or career delusions we were having our stability tested. Now as we enter July it is a major karmic shift for those of us who chose to be our best self and honor our energy.  Jupiter is out of it’s retrograde and flourishing through Libra for the next 4 months while Neptune, the planet of divine love, and Chiron, the ruler of your deepest wound move retrograde.  IF and WHEN you are presented with lower vibrational situations and people it is to obviously show you the difference.  The universe is presenting these lower situations so that you can see that you are your best self on a high flying disk therefore you can say no to toxic shit easily and effortlessly.  Don’t go back to old ways, don’t choose the easier route.  Healing these Chiron wounds is going to result in you being closer to receiving divine love once these planets return to their forward motion.

It sounds silly at first, a few years ago I definitely didn't believe in demons and I was probably surrounded by more low vibrational entities than positive ones, but now as a conscious person, I’m here to tell you,  they are real and they exist. When you start awakening you become conscious of lower vibrational entities, it is an unavoidable step in the process.   Demons always show up as everything you ever wanted because your lesson is to learn how to set boundaries and say no.  Your intuition gets louder and says THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. The only way you can see your progress is through shining brightly in the face of lower vibrations. Situations, habits and people you used to enjoy will seem mundane or even disgusting to you.  Cast them out and say NO, I am healed and this no longer serves me.  

Demons are people who are choosing to stay in a lower dimension. Demons are complainers.  They are people who run in circles and always will.  Demons live in the energy flow of temptation and temporary pleasure. Demons are people who choose not to get better. Demons are people with toxic habits, self sabotaging behavior, victim mentalities and who are unstable within themselves so they create destruction wherever they go.  Demons are the codependent connections you make that sacrifice your morals.  Demons are people who choose to remain small, they see something good and think they don’t deserve it therefore don’t try.  These people invite in chaos and then victimize themselves for living in chaos.  Demons are that voice that feeds your insecurity.  Demons are the blind folds you wear when you are comfortable in your own mess.  Demons are the person who broke your heart that you still let control the love you give.  Once someone invites in a demon or lower vibrational entity it will never let them die because the demon dies with them and has no vessel to control anymore. When dealing with low vibrational people who invited in these energies understand their behavior will have them eternally suffering their whole life until they choose to cast out the negative energy in and around them. This isn't your job, you job is to stay the fuck away from the whole situation and let people know your not down. 

Lower vibrations are a reflection and  test.  Do you want to act this way?  Associate with this? Just because you used to do it do you still need to? What is or this dependency? This habit? This self inflicted label?  You will be conscious that if you want to be vibrating in your highest alignment that your whole lifestyle needs to reflect that.  Your daily life habits are what is continually moving you forward in a positive direction.  You recognize that your environment and thoughts manifest your reality therefore negativity can not exist in or around you.  You do not act out of fear, you act through divine love. You start to recognize that as a healer it is disrespectful to yourself to attempt to heal others, you can only give one the tools.   You start to realize that your own radiant positive presence triggers those that are in a lower state. 

Do you know what demons, energy vampires and low vibrational entities hate? Confidence.  They hate when your not scared of them.  

The ascension process is one of releasing and purging.  It is confidently confronting your issues because you don’t want to walk around being your own burdened blockage.  You start to not vibe with people who choose not to confront, those who choose not to heal and those who do NOT release.  These people are dense and you are free.  

Since we have been being tested and releasing so much toxic and stagnant energy there is now space in our energy field for newness.  The karmic scales have shifted from manifesting to receiving. WE ARE NOW RECEIVING.  You don’t need to do anything but be your best self and open yourself up to blessings and abundance.  All of your affirmations at this time should start with “I AM RECEIVING…..” .  After opening yourself up, simply observe.  Letting things come to you, letting life come to you and trusting that they will is an unnatural mental state for a lot of us who are used to the struggle.  The universe wants you to be open and the universe wants you to but comfortable.  You are divine, so you accept nothing else except divinity.  You are worthy of it.  The universe wants to fill you with love and blessings where there was once blockages and pain. Your most natural state is love.  Your most natural state is abundance.  Your most natural state is you thriving.  Accept it.  


Blessings abound. Peace abounds.  Love abounds. You are surrounded in blissful abundance.  Dance in it.


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Namaste Darlings.  I love you <333




The Vibe Guide :: June 2017 Astrology & Tarot Guidance

Gemini season is about staring at our shadow selves straight in the face and saying I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU.  I am you. Bitch be humble and sit down.  

You can only see your shadow in the light.  

Your shadow side only eats if you feed it.  

Lately I've been physically seeing how dense people's auras and energies are.  Like some people are so dense with unnecessary past baggage I feel like if I tried to punch them their aura would act like a brick wall and break my hand! Dense = tense. Tense = ew.  

Release. Release. Release. The universe will be presenting your shadow side for you during this month for you to conquer it. 

There is some dark parts of us we will always carry, but they don't need to tag along to every current situation and relationship we are in.  

The shadow is what prevents us from moving forward, yet also what makes our story different from everyone else's.  Embracing and releasing your shadow self is a unique balance and one of the longest lessons to learn in life.  

This Gemini season we are seeing how we have transformed our life since 2016 and we are now completely aware of what no longer serves us.  Whether its past friends, behaviors, jobs or living situations we know what makes us our best self therefore it should be easy and natural to release toxic things or simply embrace something dark or not super normal about you.  

There is no point in feeling shame or guilt, we want everything out in the open.  Its important to communicate with our friends that we are in a better place or that we had something bad happen but were good now. 

Gemini season reminds us to stay in are lane and not be concerned with what others are doing.  Just do you.  It is fun and freeing to live a life that isn't others battles.  Be light and fluttery.  

Stop making everything so serious.  Stop over thinking.  Just go dance and stfu.  And if your not a dancer your probably the person who needs to dance the most. 

Watch out for the full moon on June 9th in Sagittarius! It is potent.  The universe will be aligning you and creating shifts.  It is a powerful time for spells and receiving from the universe.  We are collectively destroying negativity and creating space for our true abundance. 

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The Vibe Guide :: Full Moon In Scorpio

The Vibe 

This guide serves as an energy report from May 10th 2017 through the corresponding new moon in Scorpio on November 18th, 2017.  

A lot of full moon posts are going to talk about Scorpio vibes.  How intense things will be this week, how deep and dark you need to get, how everyones still dealing with their shadow work bullshit.  I'm here to tell you, we are through all of that. It is done.  This full moon is the realization and the final release to the heavy mental depths we entered during the Scorpio new moon in November 2016.  You don't need to face your shadow side, you've been doing that for the past 6 months with all these friggn retrogrades! Today, on this full moon, you've officially been reborn as the new and improved you.  Happy Birthday. 

Seriously you guys this is what we've been dealing with ^^ 

Seriously you guys this is what we've been dealing with ^^ 

 The Scorpio full moon brings to accumulation what we started mentally processing back in November 2016.  At that time we entered the underworld and went below the surface to access what we truly wanted.  This may not have been fully in our consciousness all of the time during the last 6 months, but in retrospect it was a theme.  This full moon today on May 10th 2017 comes after a series of planetary retrogrades and brings to completion our time sulking, reviewing, realigning and doubting.  A lot of us have been wanting to rush out of the gates only to realize the universe wants us to move a little slower than usual, take our time and learn to trust co-creation.  We are conscious we have changed, we are conscious of how we are different, we are conscious of how we are more aligned than we were than in fall 2016. 

Scorpio is associated with the phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes.  This moon we are rising from the deep waters we entered in November.  The scorpio energy that has been with us since November has been slow.  We didn’t jump into these waters head first, we got our toes wet, warmed up to it, stood up to our waist, felt around there, got confident enough to dunk our heads under, panicked, got more comfortable, went deeper.  Now at this full moon we are finally getting out of the water.  It is time to tan, absorb the sun rays and get more in touch with our physical bodies.  

2016 and the past retrogrades of early 2017 have been appearing to stall our life’s plan, but it has actually been rooting us in our own soul more than we have ever consciously experienced before.  We are rooted in the awareness that we are vessels of love and we can manifest easily when our intentions are to do so with love.  We love ourself first and that is not selfish, it is respect.  Emerging from the water has gotten us in touch with our intuition more than we have recognized or have listened to in the past.  We see how god acts through us and acts in all things.  

When you are rooted in love and rooted in your soul you become non-reactionary.  It allows for a sensible pause in which you have the opportunity to decide between the ego and the heart and between the truth and the matrix.  The next 6 months asks us to be extremely mindful of our anger or emotions in regards to the 3-D world.  Money, control, politics, text messages, co -workers, social media… all of these things that we know are really dumb but get upset about anyways.  The reason for why we get mad about these things originates in our root chakra and our shadow self.  The answer to how to heal the shadow and how to act presently lies in your crown chakra.  We are going to be tested on our new values, our new identity, and how truly powerful we are after our rebirth on this full moon.  We are showing ourselves we are not the past, we are not the times we did choose the ego, or the time we did let a 3-D illusion win.   We will be tempted to choose the familiar.  We will be tested on how purely we respect our vibration.  

Regarding relationships with others we are conscious of how we let others influence us.  Obviously we must remain compassionate but still do what is right for ourselves.  This task becomes easier as scorpio energy loves deep and strong.  Only strong and true friendships and relationships will interest you over the next 6 months.  Gaining popularity is not desired.  Having your tribe helps you thrive.  Always remember, love abounds. 

If you need assistance in balancing yourself and your relationships connect to your crown chakra.  The crown chakra is where you connect to higher realms and receive messages from spirit.  The crown will give you signs when you ask for them, angels to watch your back and synergy to validate your trust.  Your crown chakra is your highest self.  We are being asked over the next 6 months  to find balance between your root and crown chakras. Some of us are aware of the term, “As above, So below”, the idea that when connected to your higher self, you are able to bring higher vibrations down to earth simply by being a higher being.  The next 6 months asks you to choose your higher self always.   

A lot of “choosing the battles” will be between nurturing your physical body or to choose toxicity. This can physically manifest in many ways such as your diet, work out, friend groups, time management, stress management...etc. We have a true understanding now of what makes our physical body feel good and what doesn’t.  We have the information at our finger tips on what is healthy and what is not.  There is no excuses, we know what is not good for us.  Therefore it is a conscious decision when we eat bad, drink, over indulge or hang out with lower vibrational people.  We are choosing to enter certain battles and to deal with the repercussions of unhealthy choices.  This is all apart of a larger spiritual war that is happening. The ego vs. the soul is manifesting as politics, war, consumerism, meat eating, corporate structure, perscription medicine, class hierarchies, racism and so on.

The Scorpio full moon represents the full transformation.  You are who you wanted to be.  Release and embrace the rapid rate at which your manifestations are coming your way.  Reflect on how far you have come and feel proud. 

Meditation Tips

For this full moon meditation we are going to work on activating our solar plexus to help move things forward at a steadier pace. We need to feel accepting of our dreams and that we are worth having what we want.  A lot of people feel they don't deserve love, money or for even positive things to happen to them.  The solar plexus charges up our self worth and radiates out to others just like the sun does.  The solar plexus is what pulls people to you, attracts what you want and bursts with your own unique life plan.   Who you are and where you want to go has its origins in your solar plexus chakra. 

We are entering the summer, so finally getting more vitamin D and photosynthesis running through our cells.  We are wearing less clothes and feeling good about our bodies.  Finally! 

During meditation visualize the color yellow.  Visualize the sun.  Visualize a fiery ball of energy centered in your stomach.  This energy has the power to create and grow life, energize and attract with a strong magnetic force.  The only trick is you have to be aligned with your purest intentions.

What are you aiming to achieve?

What does being "yourself" involve?  

How are you powerful?

How do you block your own power?

How do you give your power away? 

Can being yourself help you achieve your financial, material and relationship goals easier? 

Make the shift

Chakra Guide :  The Solar Plexus

Tips :

Drink Lemon water

Do abdominal work outs such as crunches, core strength, head stands. 

Wear yellow & gold


Citrine, Tigers Eye, Yellow Jasper

Affirmations : 

I am vibrant

I am radiant

I am strong

 I accomplish tasks with ease

I am a powerful force of love

I am confident

I am able to manifest my dreams

I am full of joy

I am capable

I personally have struggled with my solar plexus this past year.  After moving from Los Angeles, where to be honest, it was over active, I had to really slow down, see who I was and command my own power. Moving took away everything I had connected my identity with, which in LA is directly related to your job, who you know and where you hang out.  Without having those 3D things to base my identity off of, my identity took a little bit of some evaluating for me to truly see who I am, and what I need to be doing to better myself.  My identity was never gone but it wasn't in its full and purest glory.  This was a solar plexus imbalance.  

Connecting to your solar plexus connects you to your power.  It connects you to who you are, what makes you unique, what motivates you to wake up everyday and get out of bed.  The solar plexus is the life force you thrive off because you know and love yourself.   It is vital that you have a balanced solar plexus chakra or else you may feel insecure, weak and tired.   

You are meant to radiate, shine and burn bright like a star.  Anything else is left behind with this Scorpio moon. 

As we move into the summer months we are fully capable of achieving everything we've been working towards in 2017.   The only limit is yourself.  Don't use this moon to sting yourself to death, use it to flex your power.  

Namaste baddies <33

The teacher in me honors the teacher in you. 



Fall Equinox Energy Forecast

So we just went through a lot energy wise on a deeply personal level evaluating our interpersonal relationships and themes surrounding how we deal with others, and how others deal with us. This work was done internally, late at night, deep in your head.  September had two eclipses and a basically month long Mercury retrograde that provided everyone with the opportunity to review themselves and how they've been acting for the past year. This past year was nuts. There was a lot of expansion for everyone.  This retrograde was a more like "hold up wait a minute" so you could catch your breath and be like this isn't working but this is working.  Or this did work, but now it doesn't.  Or this worked for a while but now it is stagnant.  There was a lot of questioning "did I make the right decision?" ..." am I going down the right path?"  There was a lot of thoughts about how far you have come, and how you can be the best you can be moving forward. 

 After this retrograde, I see now more than ever people living out the positive improvements they want to make for themselves. People got rid of what was stagnant.  People identified what they didn't like about themselves and changed it.  There was a lot of natural endings, where the universe presented a pattern, person, situation or mindset that people naturally outgrew and they were able to prove to themselves that they have indeed grown out of that stagnation.  People are in a place now where they can recognize their own maturity.  People are recognizing in themselves ways in which they are dealing with situations from a more mature and less ego based mindset.  This mercury retrograde was a more internal reflection and less of the Cosmopolitan magazine “your ex is coming back and your phones broken” stereotypes.

Now moving forward with the fall equinox we are in Libra season.  It is pretty common for people from your past coming back during a retrograde, but I think way more of these past people/situations will be coming up through out this Libra season and here is why.  As previously stated, Mercury retrograde was a time for personal reflection and review for a lot of people.  Now that people have looked at themselves and decided what they want and how they're going to get it, this post retrograde season will be all of those new thoughts and attitudes put into action.  Even more so they will be spoken into existence (Libra is air, air is speech).  People will be apologizing now.  They see how their previous actions were wrong.  People are more clear headed.  If they aren't apologizing they are speaking their truth. People are definitely going to be letting you know how they feel about themselves, how they felt in a past situation and how they feel differently about it now.  Especially with Libra’s balancing, karmic and justice characteristics, any decision someone made to grow, they will now want to act out that growth to the world.  People want to show you they aren’t the same person they were a few months ago.  People want to show you that they are more clear and confident about who they are as a person.  People want their growth to be recognized and validated by others.

I think karmically any past situation you dealt with immaturely will be presented again.  Any situation where someone dealt with you immaturely or unjustly will be presented again so that you can balance it out and prove the growth you feel deep down.  People are acting and balancing out their growth.

With so much shedding of past hurts and negative stagnant energies in August and September expect to feel lighter.  Expect to see others in lighter moods.  Everyone is happier in general.  Don't assume people have bad or malicious intentions.

People will be going out more and being more social.  People want to be seen right now, they want to show their growth and present their new improved selves to the world. People want validation that they are growing in the right direction.  Embrace and support everyone’s positive improvements.

Venus is moving into Scorpio so things that were dark and secretive are now expressive and confident.  People will be very passionate right now with everything from relationships, sex to just like how dedicated they are to projects.  People will be putting more attention on their appearance and reputation, while still feeling vulnerable about how they are coming off to others because it is still a very new energy. People will be taking pride in how they dress.  People will want to go to concerts or art related events. People want to be around creativity with Venus in Scorpio.  Fuel each other's creativity.  Flatter people's feathers. Give out compliments like its candy. It will all be reciprocated by Libra & Venus energy. 

Any issues you or people have been dealing with related to intimacy or relationships are being dealt with now.  This is a time where you can show yourself that you can confidently overcome intimacy or love fears/issues. With Venus putting things into the spotlight and Scorpio’s secretiveness, expect deep rooted relationship/intimacy issues to be overcome with a flood of love. If you worked hard to identify your intimacy or relationship issues during the retrograde, expect to be presented with opportunities to implement the lessons.  With Venus in Scorpio I don't for see the opportunities being baby steps, I for see it being very all or nothing. You asked for it, you did the work to heal it, and now its gonna be presented on a golden platter. 

Expect spoken apologies or conversations that clear the air with intimate or love relationships.  I think people will see that the situation where they were wronged in the past, was actually a result of the other person's confusion within themselves and where they were in life,  people were immaturely avoiding their own shadows and projecting them on to others or hiding it from others as a defense.  People in the past were being selfish, which is okay if you recognize they were trying to control the confusion and not bring other people into their mess. This Mercury retrograde taught us to just focus on our energy, we don't need to involve ourselves in other's messes when we have so much of our own issues.  Now that people have reviewed during the retrograde, grown and become clear on their intentions, they are trying to make right karmically.  Forgive them. Recognize their growth without compromising your own.  See other people as souls and not for their ego.  Do not listen to people's apologies with your ego.  

Overall everyone is in a better place than they were a few months ago.  Everyone is feeling better and happier than they were a few months ago.  Feed off of each other’s positive energy. Reach out to your friends.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are feeling vulnerable in your growth.  Everyone will be supportive.  People are in a less selfish headspace than they were a few months ago.  Be clear about what you want out of yourself and your relationships.  Be clear with how you want to be perceived in the world. The universe will be presenting situations for you to show your growth, and I think people will effortlessly conquer these situations.  

With everyone growing it is important to embrace each other and go into situations with no judgements.   Do not judge someone off how they were in the past, especially if you can recognize they are different now. Be honest with people and yourself about the past and the present.  Be honest with the differences.  Tell someone if you think they are doing better.  Tell yourself if you think you are doing better. Tell someone if they were shitty in the past. If someone is doing one thing and saying another, call them out. Libra energy does not like lies or fake.  Call them out in a way that is helpful.  Support their growth. 

With your own new growth and confidence, embrace the new opportunities that will be presented to you.  Many new situations emerging are from a reflection of the positive karma you are emitting after shedding the negative karma during the Mercury retrograde.  

Embrace and love

Be kind

Be confident

Love yourself

Congratulate yourself on becoming who you are.

Congratulate yourself for growing

Congratulate yourself for letting go of the baggage weighing you down

Allow yourself to feel vulnerable in your growth because somethings are still new

Allow yourself to accept past negative/immature actions as seeds for growth

Forgive yourself for those moments

Allow yourself to still like the person you were in the past, Allow yourself to like yourself now

Embrace who you are now

Embrace who others are now

You are a positive soul and now have the opportunity to show the world how bright your light shines