The Magical Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

If I was a doctor, I would prescribe one large piece of raw, chunky, rough cut piece of Rose Quartz to every human to be used for meditation and chakra healing. Unfortunately I am not a doctor, I am a hippie Wiccan witch I am just going to rant and rave about how beneficial Rose Quartz is and magically manifest the idea that you should get some for yourself!  


Rose Quartz opens and gently heals the heart chakra.  Your heart chakra maybe closed, blocked or damaged preventing you from loving yourself, loving your life and loving others.  Rose Quartz activates self love and self love radiates outward from you body, easing every situation you encounter with compassion.  Rose Quartz transmutes lower negative energies like resentment, low self esteem, anger and loneliness.  

Rose Quartz is your confidence boost.  Rose Quartz is your mom making you soup while you are sick.  Rose Quartz is a big hug with that extra squeeze at the end.  Rose Quartz is a feminine energy, a motherly energy, a gaia energy and the energy of the goddess.  It can be used to balance the ying and yang in the soul.  The divine masculine and the divine feminine can get out of balance within the spirit.  Balancing both the masculine energy and feminine energy within your body using Rose Quartz can stop irrational emotions, trust issues and love blockages.   

Aside from meditation, I use Rose Quartz by placing it on my body in times of stress and physical pain.  Seriously, people start sending me crazy drama filled text messages, my work shift was stressful or I have hangover anxiety and I just hold my rose quartz up to my third eye (third eye if your forehead, for those who don’t know.) The Rose Quartz calms you and activates an overflow of love to that chakra, helping you think above the current situation and from a place of love.

I have used smaller pieces of smooth tumbled Rose Quartz but to me, they don’t have the same effect.  I never felt like I NEEDED it as much as I need the big chunks.  I literally crave it and I can tell if I need it.  There is lots of forms Rose Quartz can come in! Have a look at this photo and see which shape appeals to you most: 

My big and raw piece of Rose Quartz is one of my prized possessions.  It's basically equivalent to a child having a teddy bear.  It is my comfort.  It came into my life while in Byron Bay, Australia.  I had a promiscuous night at a hostel bar following winning $300 in a wet tshirt contest.  I wasn’t exactly proud of myself, I basically began to spiral into an anxiety filled depression on how I’m a slut, so I walked into a metaphysical store and picked up a big chunk of Rose Quartz.  It instantly healed me.  It invoked self love and suddenly I realized my decisions weren’t that bad.  Now, almost a year later, I’m still using Rose Quartz daily.  I sleep with it, I place it on different chakra points on my body and I carry it around with me in my purse.  

If you are prone to self doubt, which triggers further anxiety,  Rose Quartz is definitly  for you! The reality is WE ALL have times of self doubt and self doubt SPIRALS into so many other things that can affect our lives.  Rose Quartz can nip that feeling right in the butt and stop the spiral!

    Symptoms Curable By Rose Quartz

    • Self Doubt
    • Loneliness
    • Impulsive Behavior
    • Irrational Emotions / Mood Swings
    • Cramps and menstrual issues
    • Headaches and indigestion
    • Chakra imbalance


    How To Use Rose Quartz 

    (yes I have done all of these and can vouch for their results)  

    Meditation & Chakra Balancing

    Rose Quartz can be used in meditation and can help balance any chakra.  Just having Rose Quartz in your presence during meditation will help restore your body and soul to love.  

    To best utlize the crystal, clear your head of all lingering thoughts.  Lie down on your back and place the crystal on each chakra point for 5 minutes or until you feel necessary.

    Heart Blockages

    Spend extra time with the Rose Quartz on your heart chakra.  While meditating listen to this heart chakra meditation.  Repeat positive affirmations to yourself.  

    If you feel like your heart is more damaged, try journaling with your Rose Quartz close by, on the desk or on the notebook.  Burn what you write after.  

    Handling Stress

    This is when I use my Rose Quartz the most! Anytime I am stressed out I just hold Rose Quartz up to my forehead.  The cold stone naturally calms down your whole body.  I lay there for like 5 minutes and feel totally rejuvinated and ready to handle what ever was stressing me out.  

    Menstrual Cramps

    Lie down on your back and place Rose Quartz on abdomen below belly button and take deep breaths. For best results start using a week before period.  

    Headaches & Indigestion

    Simply place the Rose Quartz on your stomach or your head. For best results drink a glass of water before and lay down on your back.  I have done this for indigestion... I swear on my life the Rose Quartz calmed down my stomach.  

    Drinking Rose Quartz

    Place your Rose Quartz in a jar or glass overnight or for over 5 hours.  Overnight the water will charge with the energy of the crystal and carry all of its properties.  Drinking Rose Quartz will heal and replenish your insides.  You will be radiating love from the inside out.  

    Rose Quartz & Relationships

    Rose Quartz supports relationship growth because it opens up the heart chakra.  An open heart chakra gives and receives love evenly, unconditionally and naturally.  Rose Quartz supports relationship growth through calm evolution.  It brings balance to your relationships by anchoring them in your own self love.  Self love eliminates blockages that may be preventing you from seeing the love you are receiving.  Self love eliminates the insecurities you may have about giving love freely.  Rose Quartz reassures you that love exists in your life.  Rose Quartz reassures you love is your essence.  Rose Quartz reassures you that love makes the world go round.  With this energy you can reclaim your power and stop being the victim to other people's negative energies. 

    Need Some Rose Quartz In Your Life?

    Most metaphysical stores will carry Rose Quartz.  It is pretty common and cheap.  You can buy an average size piece for under $10.  

    Maintaining your crystal's energy is simple, just put it outside during a full moon to charge it up.  To cleanse the crystal soak it in clean water and sage it.   

    It also makes pretty jewelry! 


    Let me know if you love your Rose Quartz as much as I love mine.  If you  are new to crystals please email me for questions! 

    Love Always,