Living in Gratitude

Affirmations :

I am thankful for the blessings that surround me everyday

I am thankful for all the love that surrounds me

I am thankful for the ability to give love openly, freely and always to my family, friends and any people I may encounter who are in need of it.

I am thankful for the moments spent with people I love

I am thankful for the experiences, no matter how difficult, that shaped me into the glorious person I am today.

I am thankful for opportunities that have presented themselves which bettered my life in ways I never fathomed

I am thankful for the wealth of abundance in my life

I am thankful for the food and clean water that is abundant in my life

I am thankful I can live comfortably in a home with electricity, heating, running water and internet

I am thankful for all the knowledge I have acquired and will continue to acquire in my lifetime.

I am thankful for any experiences where I was able to travel

I am thankful for mother earth for providing me with the resources that sustain my life and breath taking beauty

I am thankful for myself, my ability to move forward, to heal, to inspire, to love deeply

I am thankful to share experiences with those that matter most to me.


Like anything, living in Gratitude is a change in your perception.  It is a channel you tune into.  It is a lifestyle you practice every moment of everyday.  When you live in gratitude you live in a perception that is one step above your current reality.  You are seeing things from a more mindful place where you are conscious of what is happening in your reality.  

The first step to living in gratitude is to live in love.  You need to be conscious of and realize all the love in your life, down to the smallest moments.  Being in love with yourself, your life, your goals, your family, your friends, you job, your education and your hobbies automatically generates an appreciation for these things, because you love them. Being appreciative of all the things and experiences in your life is a secondly, minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly responsibility. Merely loving and appreciating isn’t enough, you need to express that love.  This is where living in gratitude comes in.  Expressing how much you love something is gratitude.  Realizing the love that surrounds you is gratitude.  Realizing you are able to do so many things you enjoy everyday day is gratitude.  

People get caught up on Thanksgiving with being thankful for their life, but in a comparison way, “There is people starving in Africa, I’m thankful I have a house in the suburbs” type of thing.  Gratitude is not a comparison.  Even these people in Africa have gratitude for the same things we have like family, water, education etc.  People also get caught up, “I am thankful for my boyfriend” you’re thankful for the love, feeling, intimacy and experiences that person gives you.  A boyfriend is a label not a feeling. Being thankful for a boyfriend, a friend etc makes it replaceable….being thankful for how that person makes you feel is not. The universe and god recognize feelings, because feelings are vibrations.  Expressing gratitude is a frequency that will raise your vibration when done correctly.  

When you live in gratitude you are becoming conscious of the constant blessings the universe and god have given you in every moment.  Being conscious of these gifts, opens you up to more and more blessings. Expressing gratitude and saying thank you for these gifts lets the higher power know you are conscious of the blessings that have manifested before you, and are not being selfish,  just taking without receiving.  Expressing gratitude lets the higher power know you are not acting from your ego, but from your soul.

If you have a hard time expressing or speaking your feelings, meditating or writing down all that you are thankful for daily or weekly will help.  Simply taking a moment to reflect on all your blessings makes you conscious of your blessings.

If you need help getting in touch with this, activate your heart chakra, cleanse it and clear it of negative energy.  This will open you up to love, which will let you see the love in your life you should be thankful for.

Use thanksgiving, and all the warm feelings and blessing it brings to inspire you to live in gratitude.  Practice gratitude as much as possible and see how many more miracles will begin to occur.  

Happy Thanksgiving.  Say Hi to your family for me <3

Thankful for all who read this.

Now go stuff your face and drink heavily.