Bitch I am the Vibe - Mount Shasta Reflections

Summer Solstice —>Winter Solstice

Damn, time goes by so fast….probably because ever since this photo was taken on the summer solstice, the days have been getting shorter…so it makes sense when you think about it.  

This photo was taken on the past summer solstice at the summit of Mount Shasta.  I had never wanted to go there and hadn’t planned to go there, but I was in a bit of a rut and invited myself on a trip with the two guys who worked at the smoothie store by my house. I was back and forth between EDC and this road trip when an astrologer randomly approached me.  He told me that I was being summoned by the mountain and it was because I needed to bury all my dreams written down on a piece of paper at the summit in order for the universe to recognize them and make them come true.  He said it was a special invitation by the mountain and the mountain wanted to use me to help her dreams come true as well. Completely mind fucked by this stranger and this mountain I was like YA! Ill go to the mountain 9 hours away with these two guys I’ve never met except to get smoothies and sleep on the ground not even in a tent for 5 days!!

When I got up to the mountain, more and more people were telling me I was summoned…to the point it was normal…I was like “yaaa okay I get it, letting the mountain talk to me cause I was summoned here”.  

While up there I learned Mount Shasta is believed to be the root chakra of planet earth. Its a volcano who stands alone, free of any mountain range in Northern California. It is above 14,000 ft in elevation.  It’s eruptions are the foundations for the west coast. You see more UFO’s then stars when you look into the night sky. Not to get all crazy hippie on you, but its the one of the largest energy vortexes on this planet. An energy vortex is a place emitting a ton of energy. There is different types of vortexes depending on the place and what its emitting.  Energy vortexes radiate energy at higher frequencies because it is crossing multiple dimensional planes. Mount Shasta is a volcano, connected to the earths core and reaching high up into the atmosphere. Its rich in crystal deposits. Mount Shasta is emitting a ton of grounding energy because it is a volcano (hence the root chakra) and theres energy portals all over it where you can sit and meditate and just be fucking on on one….but I won’t get into all that. 

Everyone up there knew the secret and that is when you are there you can tap into the energy, use it, send it, manifest it, morph it into what ever you want.

As much as I just like to go along with weird people just because I think it is more fun to, I definitely felt the mountain.  The whole area, the whole presence of it, the whole way I realized every decision in my life had led to me coming to this mountain. It was a vibe so intense I didn’t really talk for the 5 days I was up there. My vibe became the mountains vibe. The mountain just is. And that “just is” is the strength in it’s vibe.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 11.36.32 PM.png

Everyone always wants to talk about vibes, brand the vibe, be the vibe, sing about the vibe. They don’t want the bitch to kill the vibe.  So I’m here to explain, on the fine eve of the winter solstice what exactly “vibe” is and how grounding yourself with your vibe will manifest your dreams.

The reality is every single person is an energy vortex, just like the mountain.  You are emitting energy, creating energy, manifesting energy and using energy. Your energy transcends your physical being. That is why your energy can be felt across the world, or by your ex years later. The energy you output has a feeling to other people, and the energy you intake you apply feelings towards. 

People do not focus on their energy because it is easy to forget when you are distracted by Justin Bieber flirting with ISIS on Tinder at the club. 

The most important thing you can do, as an energy vortex acting in the universe is to ground your energy.  If you let it get scattered your intentions will become confused.  

When your energy is grounded, your intentions are clear and pure. Your intentions are your dreams and your dreams will manifest because you are aligned with your energy.

Staying grounded is difficult for everyone because it means something different to everyone.  Then we are all left individually having to kinda vibe around until we find other people and environments on our wave length that we can be grounded with.  

Not only does our vibe seek others to be grounded with, but our vibe is constantly seeking ways to ground itself in order to act as a foundation to grow relationships, careers, experiences or really ANYTHING.

Its hard to stay grounded when your taking elevators up to your 10th story office and flying internationally.  Its hard to stay grounded when the DJ’s yelling at you to jump and the next president might be Donald Trump. Its hard to stay grounded when you hated your major and your student debt vs. your career salary are the same.  Its hard to be grounded when your bumping deep house but can’t get deep with the people who live in your own dam house.  

So I ask you, upon the eve of the winter solstice….to ground yourself, and just think about you. Think about your purest self, the feelings that fulfill your purest self, and the things that you need to cut loose because they don’t fulfill your purest self and thus are effecting your energy. 

Acting from a place of you, how do you want to feel about yourself by next summer on the summer solstice??? Now is the time to set the ground, for your intentions to grow. 

Note the difference between feelings and setting goals.  There’s a difference between saying, “I want to get a promotion by summer” and “I hope to feel accomplishment and to feel like I am recognized for my hard work”.  Wanting a promotion might cause you to act selfishly or step on others (putting out bad energy) while longing to feel accomplished means you will act genuinely in order to be recognized for your work by others. The universe recognizes feelings, because feelings are vibes, vibes are your energy and you are an energy vortex acting through the universe in your purest form.

Feel yourself. Feel what grounds you. Feel what  you know makes you happy. Act from that specific place of self.  

The universe is waiting for you to ground yourself so it can help grow your dreams. 

Go ahead. 

Natalie Lang