Learning Tarot - The Hermit

The Hermit in the tarot means a pause and desire to be alone to gain the knowledge necessary to move forward.  Similar to an arrow, it is holding you back to launch you forward.  The Hermit studies the world around him, the teachings of ancient philosophers, and seeks isolation to realize how these apply to his life or humanity as a whole.  The Hermit in a reading means there is a stronger focus on education, reading and gaining knowledge.  The solitude required to gain a higher education and consciousness is not selfish but an act of strength.  Solitude is power.  Education is power. Wisdom is power. 

If you pull The Hermit, you often need to take time for yourself to really think, there is an answer deep with in you that your soul already knows, it might be really deep down or require further learning and/processing. 

The Hermit is associated with Virgos.  Virgos can be very introspective.  

If the card is reversed the person is either not listening to their gut or over thinking something to the point of anxiety.