Banishing Delusions :: Spell For True Life Alignment


I banish any and all delusions in my life

I banish any person or situation which may be blinding me from my truth.

I remove the rose colored glasses from my eyes.

I remove any foundations from my life which were built on lies

From all discord I am set free

All my energy is returned back to me

I hereby transform any deception

To live in alignment with divine perfection

I asked the universe to banish any delusions in my life and it answered me so fast, like seriously within a few days.  Asking the universe to rid your life of any delusions is the only way to align with your truth.  If you ask the universe to banish any delusions, be prepared to deal with the turmoil you will have to overcome in order to realign.  You need to know and understand that this is all in your best interest.  For a lot of us who do manifestation work, this may reveal blockages that were preventing you from living your dreams.  

Banishing delusions is important because it is too easy for the ego to wear rose colored glasses.  We may not be aware that we are turning a blind eye to certain people, situations or things.  Some energy vampires are good at wearing two faces, and we are initially unable to pick up on their bad energy. Light attracts moths, and there maybe some moths in your vortex that are hurting you in the long run.  

A lot of us get jobs and settle when more is out there, a lot of us think we have a handle on our debt while living out of our means.  We may have a bad friend group or feel obligated to stay at a job with a mean boss. We maybe be clinging to a past relationship.  We maybe wanting to start a business and never actually putting in a solid amount of effort to do so.  We may want to create art but never actually pick up the pen or brush.  We may be involved in a lifestyle that exhausts us but we can’t get out of.  We may want to be healthy but go to Jack In The Box way too often. 

A lot of us fall in love with the idea of people.  We create what this person can be in our heads.  We are in love with their potential, a lot of us fall for a guy or girl who is out talking to other people and not interested in a relationship.  A lot of us say we don’t want a relationship but hide our feelings with random hook ups on tinder. We are in love with the good side of people and ignore the bad, all while wondering why something is unfulfilled. 

Whatever it maybe, if it is not dealt with, it will continue to lead you down a path that is not your truth. When you are not aligned with your truth, doors will continue to appear closed.  Energy will feel lower, stagnant, scattered or drained.  Signs and synchronicities will not happen. Certain areas of your life will move forward while the delusion sticks to the past, it stays at its conception.

The funny part about banishing delusions, is you are so delusional to it, you won’t see it coming, EVEN WHEN YOU ASKED. I thought I was going to get a promotion or something because I was above my job. The reality of my delusion was I flunked out of school.

I love learning and the feeling of being intelligent.  I had always wanted a college degree and I felt it was important to have one, but my actions did not align with that.  I was going to online school because I didn't want to put school first and so I began school with the idea of putting in minimal effort.  I did so for around another two years.  I had a lot of C’s and some D’s, the year before I dropped all my classes fall and spring semester to work and travel.  I had put work and my social life before school every single time.  So when I asked the universe to banish my life of delusions, I was initially shocked to find all my classes were dropped from my schedule. A few days before I had seen my gpa, but I was still enrolled in classes for the next semester.  A day after I asked the universe to banish all delusions,  a big fat DISQUALIFIED  sign in all red went across my student page.  The last semester I got three C’s but it wasn't enough to raise my GPA, I had failed to get a 2.0 and was dropped from my major.  My options were to go back to junior college or apply to another school and start over.

Notice how my actions didn’t align with my intentions.  I created a delusion that doing the bare minimum for 2 years would get me through.  I loved the feeling of being smart but deprived myself of truly learning.  I wanted a degree but never actually did the actions it required. This was a long time coming, it wasn’t something that happened over night.   The universe smacked me in the face and said, “You want to learn? Prove it.”

It is important to note that when a delusion is presented, choosing to stay with it isn’t an option.  The universe will present it in a way that is an ending of a chapter.  It is the equivalent to the tower card in tarot, things will change rapidly and you can either transform or be dragged. You will see how you were creating these “wrong” thoughts. The removal of this delusion is not negative, it is the grace of god.  Since you apparently can’t free yourself, the universe is freeing you.  Embrace your truth.

Tips for Banishing Delusions

  1. Understand that your energy was already aligned with this new chapter. Your energy was already aligned with the truth.  Whatever obstacles you may have to overcome because of the ending of this delusion is actually just dealing with the past. You are totally capable of overcoming these things, because energetically, you already have.

  2. The truth comes all at once.  It may seem quick, but it was actually a long time in the works. It is okay to take time to process, weigh out your options, and draft a new plan.  

  3. Banishing delusions requires you to be mindful of your actions.  It requires you to be mindful of where you may resort back to old habits.  Remaining conscious and not in your ego is vital.

  4. This is a lesson, you are not supposed to have all the answers.  The process of how you realign with your truth is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  In retrospect, you will understand.

  5. This delusion will shake your foundation.  Its supposed to because the foundation wasn’t stable to begin with.  Remain calm in any chaos.

  6. Do not listen to any voice that says, I can’t.  This is merely your ego feeling its defeat. This is merely the energy vampire sucking you back.  This is the lower vibrations clinging to your rapidly increasing higher self.

  7. Realize that you were comfortable in this delusion, however toxic it may have been, you were used to it.  Creating new habits, new self love, new goals etc. may create feelings of vulnerability but trust the universe has your back and will open the doors now that you are aligned with your truth.

  8. Embrace.  Embrace the mystery of how this delusion will come to an end.  Embrace the new life that awaits you.  Embrace the freedom of not knowing.  Embrace the power of taking back your energy from where it was being wasted.

  9. Love yourself because you did this for yourself.  Banishing delusions is in your best interest, however scary it maybe at first.

So go ahead and be brave.  Feel what you feel when the truth reveals itself.  Understand that even if it hurts, its better than living a lie.  

I wish you the best and give you the support and power to embrace your dreams.  Let me know if you have any questions or how your experience is going.  Believe in yourself <3

Love always

XOXO - Nat