Nail Magic & How To Use It


Nail magic uses color therapy to help you align with your mood and attitude for period of time.  Your hands are actually very powerful chakra points that send and receive a lot of energy. Colors are energy because a color is a spectrum of energy frequencies from light.  Using colors in your manifestation process triggers emotions internally and externally. You can use the color of your nails to attract what and who you want to be.  Your nails reflect your inner desires now physically manifested outwards and can be the first step in your declaration the universe know you are committed are stepping into your power within this shift.   Nails are a great conversation starter and why not give the universe another outlet to speak through to you?

Pro Tip:: 

Timing your nail color with the phases of the moon can add an extra boost of power to your intentions and spells. Fresh nails on the new moon aligns you with your intentions, affirmations, and goals for the upcoming month.

How To Pick That Magic Color: 

Ask yourself a few questions ...

 What are my upcoming intentions?

What type of woman do I want to be this month?

How do I want to present myself this month?

What part of my femininity do I want to highlight this month? 

How do I want people to feel around me this month?

Now what color best embodies these qualities? 


Connect To Your Affirmations 

What is the theme of your affirmations? For example I wanted to work on being more detail oriented so I got some detail oriented nails.  Personality traits and designs blend can blend perfectly with the energy you are wanting to put out.

Utilizing All The Types Of Feminine Energy 

Tapping into your feminine energy shifts how people perceive and respect you. Handling business in long nails IS A SIGN OF POWER.  Colors can be gentle, bold, sexy, happy, mysterious.. just to name a few.  Wearing colors on your nails is power because it is considered not socially acceptable for men to do. 


Give A Chakra Boost

Healing and focusing on one chakra can be a long process.  Boosting a specific chakra through color on your hands triggers the brain because we are constantly looking at our own hands.  


The 7 Chakra Colors Are: 

Root :: Red

Sacral :: Orange

Solar Plexus :: Yellow

Heart :: Green 

Throat :: Blue 

Third Eye:: Indigo 

Crown :: Pink


I use blue to enhance my throat chakra when I know I have a lot of speaking or writing jobs coming up.  Since the throat chakra deals with topics related to Mercury, I often get blue nails during a Mercury retrograde to help give these areas a positive boost. 


Black, white and purple nails protect your energy.  Use black if you feel like you are being psychically attacked.  White and purple will transmute negative energy being sent to you into positive energy.  Nails let these lower dimensional beings know they need to back up! 


Send me pics of your nails.  

Stay wild babies <333

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