Life With Mr. Frank

Mr.Frank came to us in March 2017 and is now the man in Kelsey and I's lives.  I had a friend from Long Beach, CA who had moved to Columbus, Ohio, which is 5 ish hours away from Nashville.  I had met Mr.Frank as a kitten in Cali with his twin brother.  As kittens they were best friends and always played together but I guess after the move, Mr.Frank became a bully.  So to help settle the peace, I took him in and honestly can't imagine life without him.  Having an animal to care for and adore makes you a better person. I am so glad Frank came into my life. 

Mr.Frank isn't a mean cat at all but he is huge.  His size makes him sound like a horse when he does his morning lap sprints around our tiny 2 bedroom house and makes him really obvious when he tries hunting in the backyard.  But he is also a big whiney dramatic baby.  He will cry and cry like a terrible twos toddler, demanding to go outside and for food less than a few hours old.  He wakes us up every morning around 8 o'clock demanding breakfast. 

He took a liking to our house very quickly.  In less than a few months he had completely dominated different areas, claiming each territory as his own for a short period of time.  When he first got here, he liked to hide in the kitchen cupboards. We are not sure how he can open the cupboard doors or climb on top of them.  He climbs up on the fridge, kitchen table and counter tops.  If you can't find Frank he is probably hiding behind the blender in the bottom cupboard.  


Right now he likes my bedroom window and the bathroom.  He uses the toilette as a jumping obstacle to get into the bath tub where he likes to fight his own shadow and drink from the drain.  Now it looks like we have black puebs all over our bathroom but its actually Mr.Frank hair. 


I call Frank my "Night Watch" for all you Game Of Thrones fans.  He is the protector and guardian of my window.  He likes to follow the squirrels and birds from different windows and will charge in my room, run through my blinds and get in an attacking pose, as if he could attack them through the window.  By the way,  I need new blinds.  


When we first got Frank I really wanted to introduce him to the big outdoors.  He had always been city apartment cat but I have a huge back yard, side yard and front yard full of squirrels and birds.  I knew this would make him happy.  At first he didn't trust it but got naturally more confident, quickly going from just hanging out on the deck to being gone for days. It was really funny watching him try to hunt for the first time ever, mainly because he is terrible at it.  He never caught anything, which I am totally content with. 

Unfortunately we had to stop letting him outside because of the bugs he was catching and biting him.  He was not looking like a 9.7 cat anymore but more like a homeless scruff ball. It makes me sad he can't go outside, and he cries at the door begging to go outside but he is better off not itchy with bug bites! 


My neighbor described Mr.Frank as a 9.7/10 cat and an ancient pharaoh cat with majestic qualities.  I would say that is pretty accurate besides his clumsy and funny poses sometimes.  Sometimes I just look at him like "what the hell are you doing? this isn't normal cat behavior". 

For example,  the way he is sitting on this chair ... 


Like most cats Mr.Frank like to sleep a lot and looks absolutely precious when he does but  have you ever seen a cat lay on their back like this? 


 He is very affectionate and demands love and attention.  We love him as our own child and treat him like the King he is.  We love you Mr.Frank! Here is some other photos of Mr.Frank being a 9.7/10 cuddly pharaoh model cat.  He is so handsome and cute. He is always there when you need him and a great little spoon in a cuddle sesh.