DYI :: Chakra Shelves & How To Use Them


My chakra shelves are definitely a focal point in my room.  It is basically a 7 story high altar.  People who are into energy work think my shelves are the coolest things ever and the not woke guys who sleep over stare at them like what the hell is going on here? She must really like rainbows and junk....she might be a witch... I need to get out of here...jk.   

Anyways, the purpose of chakra shelves is to help you visually balance, enhance or manifest from a certain energy point within you. I am constantly moving trinkets, crystals, art and my tarot cards around the different chakras.   Chakra shelves are extremely powerful and anything I place on them will manifest, most of the time in a way I never saw coming.  For example, I placed a packet of sun flower seeds on my solar plexus shelf simply to honor and enhance my solar plexus with that flower's energy.  With in that same month I was introduced to a girl who worked at "Sun Flower Cafe" and now is collaborating with me on some upcoming projects. That one really tripped me out haha.  


I will also place pictures of people on my heart or throat chakra to enhance love and communication.  I used to place a picture of me and my ex boyfriend on my third eye chakra to enhance our psychic connection.  I will often place my tarot cards on the crown chakra shelf before my Youtube readings to charge them up with universal life force energy.  I place items of my ancestors, pictures of my family and California on my root chakra shelf to honor my roots.

I will often take my energy cards and ask spirit to pick a card for each chakra that will help me achieve and align with my goals.  I will often write down all of my affirmations and leave them up there so they really build momentum.  

If I want to work with someone I will write their name down or place a product on one of my selves.  I will often write down an upcoming creative project or business venture and place it on my sacral chakra shelf.  This helps boost the creative energy around the project in its early development stages.  As the project grows and I need to expand it I will move the paper onto my throat chakra to enhance networking and digital marketing, and then later onto my solar plexus to declare this project as physical existing and apart of who I am.   

Now that we know how the basics of how it works lets talk about how to make it! 

Click photo to purchase from Home Depot

Click photo to purchase from Home Depot

I went to Home Depot and bought 7 white corner shelves.  Home Depot did not have premade shelves that were not already painted.  I also used regular acrylic paint but paint for wood is recommended.  The Home Depot employee recommended if I was using acrylic paint to sand off the white paint with sand paper to prevent the paint from chipping.  So I tried to sand these shelves by hand and said "fuck this" by the second shelf.  I just painted acrylic paint over the white paint and so far haven't had any chipping issues.  


The painting was the easy part.  Drilling the shelves in definitely took a little bit of time to get all of the spacing right. It depends on your space but I have mine around 1.5 feet apart.  

 It would probably be easier to find a pre-made shelf, but not a lot of shelves have 7 shelves.  

After drilling simply fill the shelves with all of your metaphysical items! It is a great way to organize your crystals, oils and cards.  Sage this space and keep it clean! 


I hope this has inspired you! Chakra shelves would be a great addition to a bedroom, meditation space or a studio! Its a fairly easy DYI project that will help you develop your spirituality and law of attraction abilities.  

The teacher in me honors the teacher in you. 

Stay wild star babies <3 



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