What Are Karmic Contracts?

You are involved in them.  You're actually probably involved in like 10.

Karmic contracts are our relationship teachers.  The people that come into your life to teach your soul a lesson. Ultimately, at the end of your life, they are who taught your soul how to be whole.  The lessons they teach are apart of your soul’s evolution.  This person is actually a soul mate (soul mates vs. twin flames will be covered later).  Once you have fully learned your lesson your contract is over.


By the laws of karma, getting back what you put out, we attract different soul mates into our life.  If we didn’t learn our lesson from someone the first time karma will send the same lesson with a new face.

Negative patterns will repeat themselves.

So if you want to break patterns, negative habits, vibrate on a higher level, aligned with your truth, attract your twin flame and accumulate only positive karma, listen up.

Karmic contracts can be friends, lovers, and family but for the sake of easy explanations I am going to focus on love/romantic relationships for this article.  

If you identify you past childhood hurts like your parents divorce, your fat teased elementary school days, the fact you never had a dad, WHATEVER IT MAY BE, you are left with little holes in your soul that need to be patched up.  The misconception is that another person will patch up these holes, when actually the lesson is only learned when you do the sewing yourself.  When you heal your own soul, sew your own patches, you are able to break this negative karmic pattern and your soul will begin to radiate only positive karma into the world.  Your soul is one more step to being whole.

Love relationships are often our biggest teachers simply because love is the soul’s deepest desire. Most significant romantic relationships are not “the one”.  Instead they are getting you ready for that person so when you actually meet them you can begin your relationship surrounded by only good karma.  When you have ended all your previous karmic contracts,  you can begin a relationship by together being the best person you could be and together being aligned with your highest truths.

So back to these soul mates and their lessons…

These soul mates are teaching you a lesson and the lesson will never be “all guys are assholes, I’m swearing off men” or “women are bitches” or “my ex is a psycho” or “all men cheat, I can’t trust anyone”.  That is not a lesson, that is your ego being immature by avoiding the situation and further clouding your energy with negative karma.

Instead the lesson is how you handled the situation.  Even when someone totally devastates you and ruins your life, it depends on how you handle the situation.  As upsetting as it may be, you have to cut this person from your life to recognize the lessons.  You have to forgive their actions.  You actually have to thank them with the utmost gratitude for helping you better align with your highest truth.  You forgive yourself for feeling any feelings of sadness, confusion or negativity.  You allow yourself to feel those things.

Only when you sit in a place of peace, and not in a place of ego, can you identify the lessons you are being taught.  Ask yourself questions.

What did you allow?  What did you ignore? Have you been in this situation before? Were you dating an image of something you wanted that wasn’t making you happy? Were you putting too much energy into a relationship?

There is so many questions just depends on where you are karmically.

Here is some examples:

A karmic contract I was involved in taught me a lot about my ego and my relationship with intimacy.  I had never really had intimate sex, I wouldn’t consider myself affectionate or a cuddler.  But that was all a lie I told myself to distance myself from men, and also I just hadn’t found someone I was comfortable acting that way with.  When I did meet my ex, and felt super comfortable, it was a total energy shift.  Something clicked.  I realized all those things I had been “depriving” myself of were actually what I wanted the most. Me being unaffectionate was actually not apart of my highest truth but my ego trying to act to cool for love. Giving affection actually made me feel really good inside.  Intimate sex was way better than drunk frat boy sex.  Staying in on a friday night to cuddle and watch movies was more fun than getting bottle service at a club.  

All of those lessons I taught myself because of him.  My soul evolved because of him.  My soul grew because of him. He wasn’t literally teaching me lessons but our relationship guided me down a path of spiritual growth.  

When I ended the relationship I was really sad for months but only with time and furthering my spirituality did I realize he wasn’t “the one”, he was just helping me heal my intimacy issues so I could align with my highest truth. He was only in my life for a short time but the lessons he taught me are eternal.  Through this recognition I was able to end the contract.  

Obviously this takes time.  If you just started dating someone, it's gonna take a while to see how it plays out depending on where you are karmically.  It is also important to note you can’t force someone to learn a lesson about themselves.  That's not your job and a waste of energy. With your new knowledge of karmic contracts simply focus on healing, forgiving and moving forward.  Any negative actions or reactions you have had or done in the past will come back for you to correct it and balance it out.   If you are currently involved with someone take a outside perspective and see how you have grown since being in this relationship.  

Karmic contracts are inevitable and I am just touching on the surface so please respond and ask questions! Together we can all heal our negative karma by raising awareness and learning from other’s stories.