What is Energy


A lot of us are more intuitive to our own needs, patterns and physical health than we are lead to believe. Our culture wants us to hand our power over to authority figures and drugs when our bodies are 100% able to heal themselves. Energy healing, although subtle, puts you in a position of power.

Energy healing has existed since the beginning of man. The most famous energy healers are people like Jesus and The Buddha. Both of these prophets came to earth with the message that we too could be like them through our ability to heal and to live in a life of unconditional love.

In the 21st century we are living in a highly stimulating world that is 2,000 years more advanced than the environment our human body & energy system were originally designed for. Our responses to trauma, threats and fear shape our habits and our health.

Energy healing can be used for relaxation, simply to give your cells a reset or it can be used to go deep into the depths of your emotional traumas. Some where along the lines, everything intersects into one transformative experience.

What To Expect From Your Session

Energy healing does not magically do the work for you, but it may feel that way. Every session is a unique experience because everyone’s energy is different. My goals for the sessions are always the same. Everyone’s true personal power lies in freeing yourself from limiting programming, trusting your intuition and opening your heart. I use a blend of energy healing modalities and metaphysical tools to hold space for your soul’s healing so you can recognize your soul’s true purpose. Energy healing brings awareness to what you are ready to let go of, what is limiting you and who you are ready to become in a way that is safe and sacred for your soul.

I like to give my clients tools they can use in the real world so they become the master of their own energy.

Each session is 1 to 2 hours.