I Got Naked In A Waterfall :: Jaroma Falls :: North Queensland :: Australia

Jourama Falls is around an hour and a half outside of Townsville, Australia. There isn't really civilization around it at all, the closest establishment is a bomb sherbet company called The Frosty Mango. You need to stop at the Frosty Mango.  You can't miss it...there is a giant smiling mango man statue out front.  The Frosty mango is surrounded by a tropical farm where they grow all of the fruit in the sherbet.  You name a fruit and they have a sherbet.  Things you've never heard of that are native to the Indonesian rain forests... they got a sherbet for it. 

Anyways, the 4 of us girls, Charlotte from Norway, Olivia from Atlanta, Simone from Hawaii and me from Cali, all road tripped out in Olivia's station wagon with a car full of food, 2 tents, 2 bottles of champagne and 1 bottle of gin. I'd say we are all experienced campers and none of us are high maintenance.  Simone's always the queen of camping with her Go Po synced to her watch on a compact-able tripod and her REI pop up tent in her designer bikini leading the group up a rock cliff.  The four of us were all chill and we just wanted to chill out off the map for a minute. Mission accomplished.  

Jourama Falls offers a camping area with secluded tent spots and a public restroom.  Walking up the dirt road from the camping area is where the water falls start.  You have to buy a permit to camp.  

You can climb back through the pools all the way up to the highest waterfall.  It gets trickier the farther back you go.  So now imagine all of us bad bitches in bikinis with backpacks full of champagne scaling rocks, hoping over thorn bushes while on the look out for Aussie's famous venomous snakes....aka it was our natural habitat.  We realized that we could tie our champagne bottles into our sarong, as people do with babies, and carry our champagne with us over the rocks.  Olivia even stopped us after we all went effortlessly leaping over rocks and was like "Guys, I felt like we were all so in the zone on these rocks!"

By night fall we cooked and somehow we ran out of alcohol.  

We spent 2 full days at these waterfalls and going back to reality kinda sucked. 

Check out the jungle waterfall fem vibes :: 

* All photos were taken with a Go Pro

Natalie Lang