Bears Inn - bed & Breakfast - Evergreen, Colorado

Sooo after a few bloody merrys, mimosas and rumchata/fireball shots I convinced Jeff to change his flight and rent a car.  We walked off our drunk in the Botanical Gardens to regroup and make a plan.  The night before a stranger in line for the STS9 concert told us to check out a brewery in Evergreen, CO. So I guess we based our accommodations on their proximity to this brewery.  By a heaven sent miracle we booked the Bears Inn.  

Located at an elevation of 7,755 ft. you are definitely up in the mountains, where the bears live, and where there would be a ton of snow if it wasn't summer.  

The Bears Inn is everything you could ask for in a Rocky Mountain getaway.  Upon arriving you can feel so welcomed by the personalized hospitality and charming decor.  

All of the rooms are individually styled with western, history or destination themes.  We chose western and our room was styled around the 1980 film "Lonesome Dove"

The Inn includes an outdoor deck surrounding the property with plenty of seating area and VIEWS. The outdoor space had beautiful gardens, a waterfall and a hot tub.  Our night at the Bears Inn went from watching the sunset over the Rocky mountains, to star gazing in the hot tub, to dining next to a waterfall all with in steps of our room. 

I was not expecting the food.  THE FOOD WAS AMAZING.  Breakfast was a 3 course experience that was hand made and presented by our lovely cook/hostess.  You could taste the health. You could taste the local.  You could take the organic.  You could taste the love. You could taste the quality.  

Breakfast was 3 courses.  The first a gourmet yogurt parfait followed by Eggs Benedict with eggs that were POACHED IN WATER FROM THE WATERFALL ON THE PROPERTY. I REPEAT WATERFALL EGGS BENEDICT!!! The last course was a berry and fruit desert. 

After leaving the Bears Inn we took a short drive down to Elk Grove Meadow for a relaxing barefoot walk amongst the grass and blue skies.  I picked wild flowers and felt like the wind was talking to me.  I'll never forget how blue the sky was on that day or how the clouds passed over the mouton peak.  

After our walk we drove back through Red Rocks to Morrison, Co.  Morrison is a small one block town with really cute restaurants and home stores.  We enjoyed some brewskies under the blue skies of this cabin deck. 

Natalie Lang