Never Date A Girl That Travels - Video Inspo

I get in the moods, these moods to just go.  I can sense my energy needs to see the world, that it feels restricted.  I am myself when I am traveling alone.  All I am is myself.  The people I meet, all they meet is me.  They don't know my job, my friends, my hobbies, my past, just what I present. I can choose to act big or small, outgoing or shy.  I can be a silent observer of the world when I travel. Traveling is the only form of education I genuinely learn from that helps me see my own confidence and strength. The experiences people can't take away from me or add a tragic ending to. My self worth, self discovery and self respect is owed to the world and the opportunities travel has presented me.

The opportunities presented to me while traveling are usually because I am rides, meals, cheaper rent, tagalongs to new places. I don’t fuck guys for free shit but I’m nice to the them and let them entertain me.   I've met a lot of men traveling, a lot of men like me because I have traveled.  Because I am cultured,  I come across intelligent.  They want to see the world through my eyes.  Interacting with me is a way for them to travel too. They make excuses for why they can't do what I do.  They live through me.  They try to experience the magic I create around the world.  I won't complain, I understand it. But I have yet to meet a guy that wants to go with me.  Who really buys a plane ticket too. Who is sitting next to me in seat D aisle 23... and to be honest I don't want that. I see couples who travel together and I just can't help but feel that without each other they would have never gone.  They needed the support system of another person.  I am a little critical, but when you realize you are in a relationship with the whole world and the world wants to expand you, guide you and help you grow, you don't need a man to tag along and "protect you". And when you are in a relationship with the world, the boys fall in line begging for a piece of your magic.

So don't date a girl who travels, because she doesn't need you....and that in itself scares you beyond your wildest dreams. Don't cage her, limit her or stop her dreams with your relationship distractions.  Love her, learn from her and let her inspire you.  The world is her lover and the world will never hurt her.  The world will only make her stronger, better and more whole than you ever will.  


Natalie Lang