Why I Moved To Nashville

If you read my Love Letter To Los Angeles, you are aware that I never ever intended to leave Los Angeles and my booshy life working in the entertainment industry. But here I am, 9 months later thriving in my abundant life of bliss in Nashville, Tennessee.  I left without a lot of explantation, no goodbyes and majority of my friends thinking I had been brainwashed by southern conservative christans who want me to spend my days shotgunning beers at KKK meetings.  

So as life sometimes does, the truth has come with time.  See I didn't really know exactly why I felt like I HAD to move to Nashville after vacationing here, therefor I chose not to explain it to everyone.  I knew you wouldn't understand why I loved Nashville as much as I do, because it was a feeling that I am in love with, and that feeling exists here.  Upon moving to Nashville, I was chasing a gut feeling, and that gut feeling was this vision of my whole life which suddenly seemed to click.

Everyone thinks my best friend Kelsey and I had innocently flew to Nashville for a concert and changed our whole lives because we met some cute southern boys at a honky tonk.  There is some small truth to that,  I had come to Nashville because my friends were DJing out here and my mom had always raved about how fun of a town it was.  My friend and I had no idea about Nashville, the south, country music or southern people.  We just violet flamed around the city meeting as many happy people as we could.  We seriously radiated joy that weekend and people were feeling us everywhere we went.  I remember Kelsey bought some fuzzy ear muffs and like 8 people stopped us while we walked down the street as if these fuzzy ear muffs had turned her into Beyonce, they were so excited about these ear muffs and us it was like totally bizarre. We definitely were tipsy af the entire trip and drank more whiskey sours than our stomach could allow.   We were continually shocked at how nice everyone was to us.  Hot guys and hot chicken were in abundance.  There was this energy that made us feel alive in Nashville.  The idea of how LA sucked slowly started creeping into both of our heads.  So Kelsey and I ended up missing our flight back to LA two days in a row.  One of the mornings Kelsey and I got up to go to the airport, but we were too hung over to function, so we ended up rebooking our hotel room.  The sales director of the hotel sent a complimentary hang over kit complete with advil and personalized note to our hotel room. Southern hospitality y'all!! I was hooked. 

When we actually went to the airport, Nashville was tugging at my heart strings.  Kelsey and I were flying standby and I knew it was going to be difficult for us to get seats together.  As we boarded the plane I told her, “If we get two seats together, I’ll move to Nashville”.  Sure enough, 10 rows down was two seats together, an aisle and a middle seat.  The universe was saying, “Yes”.

Planning The Move

The only issue about moving to Nashville, was that I had priorly planned on backpacking Australia.  I had a 1 year visa and I had a one way plane ticket to Brisbane. I had kinda planned on not coming back to America for a while.  I even had a job in Melbourne lined up.  Now I was going to still do that, but also just leave LA permanently, find a house in Nashville from across the world, and sign a lease.  Shoutout to Kelsey for doing the house hunting and finding our cute little harmony house. I went to Australia for a little over 3 months, returned back to Los Angeles for a weekend to move out of my apartment in Beverly Hills, then drove across the country to Nashville....and yes I am aware this is the most extra hectic gypsy plan ever but it worked out ! Oh also should mention I signed a year lease without ever seeing the house.  Ballsy. Thats called faith. That is called not only trusting your intuition but living your life by your intuition.

Upon arriving in Australia, I thought I would loose my interest in Nashville and begin to see it as another fantasy.  Obviously I’d be better off in my LA ..right?

I was so wrong.  Nashville became my obsession, it was something I needed to feel again.  I spent my days on the beaches of Australia's Gold Coast dreaming, journaling, planning and researching my life in Nashville. I spent most of my time in Australia in hostiles, on shitty bunk bed mattresses just dreaming of my Nashville home.  I truly was homesick for a place I had never lived.  I spent most of my travel time making like 9 separate Nashville/Southern Pinterest boards (you should check them out) 

Australia is the solar plexus chakra vortex point of the world.  The Urulu or Ayers Rock is the vortex.   If you do not know about chakras, the solar plexus is your will power, determination, strength, personality, the parts of your soul that make you unique.   So now my solar plexus is on overdrive because I am alone in Australia with all my thoughts and putting all my power into creating the life I want for  myself in Nashville.  I had the universes support 100% on my new southern life.  I harnessed all of that energy through meditation and was extremely ready to get out of Australia and live in Nashville.  As much as my dream of moving to Australia was cut short, it was a natural ending.  I was tired of traveling, carrying my bags around, I had pretty much no more room to buy souvenirs and was extremely close to selling all my clothes for money and space.  I left Australia with an appreciation for the country and just pure gratitude for what I had got the opportunity to experience there.

Actually Doing The Move

So after backpacking the the largest continent in the world, I knew there was no way in hell I was going back to La La Land.  Instead, when I got back,  I dropped all of my furniture off at Good Will, piled the rest of my belongings into my car and drove.  I left San Francisco and went straight to Salt Lake City.  The next day was 12 hours of driving from Salt Lake to Omaha, Nebraska. I stayed at the most sketch Quality Inns where I got out of there before 7am simply because I thought I might get robbed. From there I went through Missouri to Saint Louis to meet up with an American friend I made in Australia. From Saint Louis I drove 4 hours through Kentucky to Nashville.    I literally arrived in Nashville with nothing, not a plate, not a cup or a fork, no bedding, no dresser, like basically just myself and some clothes. I was also deathly hung over from some Long Island Iced Teas in Saint Louis.  The first thing I did when I entered Nashville's city limits was get macaroni and cheese.

Embracing Nashville

Manifesting Nashville and actually living my life in Nashville was kind of two separate things that eventually weaved together into one glorious life that I am now extremely proud of.  Nashville made a lot more sense for me financially.  Material items like my own house and furniture are tangible here.  There isn't a 98% chance I am going to get a parking ticket every where I go.  Street sweeping tickets aren't a thing.  Parking your car on a slight incline of a small hill facing the wrong way isn't a ticket here.  Gas is under $2.50 cents.  Cocktails are under $8.  I seriously can go on about how my budget has been salvaged by this move... 

Adjusting to life in Nashville was not easy the first few months.  I knew deep down I liked it and that I had to stick it out, but I didn't really have friends, the job I started was ruining my sleep schedule, and there was boy drama.  Also my first few days in Nashville there was the worst thunderstorm and I never cry, but I was shitting my pants because my house was shaking from the ground up, my poor plants were getting thrown around, I didn't have a TV or anything to receive emergency alerts, like I was straight up alone in a storm.  Also the humidity was next level, like you are just sweaty and so is everyone else. 

What gave me hope was I was continually in shock as things I had dreamed of in Australia came true.  Seriously, I have lists where I would write extremely specifically what I needed and wanted in Nashville.  For example, I wrote down exactly the type of job I wanted, how my boss acted, the atmosphere of the job, how flexible the bosses were, the types of coworkers, the salary etc.  ALL OF IT CAME TRUE.  Down to the friggn gender ratio of my work lol.   I realized I had to move to Nashville to see how powerful my abilities to manifest truly are.  I needed to learn how to embrace all things I had manifested and not be so surprised that I could create my own reality.  That reality was and still is, I needed a sustainable place for me to live where I could financially support myself and the empire I am building.  In LA I was definitely making money, but I was also spending money on bullshit just to live there. I didn't own that much home stuff in LA because I knew all my apartments were temporary. I didn't have that much time to myself between a 9-6 job and the networking associated with my job.  I know now that I need time for myself that extended past sitting alone in my car in traffic.  I needed to learn what having a home felt like and how to manage a home.  It makes me feel really proud of myself that at the age of 23 I am in charge of all my bills, budget for a gardener to come and people complement me on how cute my house is inside and out!

The entire time I was in Los Angeles, I felt like I was living in an unsustainable environment.  It was a weird guilt trip I had every time I turned on a sink knowing I lived in a  drought ridden desert that was artificially supplying life for millions of people.  I felt like I was contributing to pollution every morning taking the 405 to work.  I am a person who needs nature, so I spent a lot of my time at the beach, but I never swam in the water because I knew it was polluted.  I also went to a ton of raves out in the desert and tripped a lot because it was some of the only opportunities I had to interact with nature living in such a big city.  Now nature is apart of my everyday life and it makes me so centered...I absolutely love it!

Now that I live in Nashville, I literally just go sit on my deck for hours and watch the squirrels play in the trees, listen to the birds chirp and the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees. I have space for a garden and time to take care of my plants.  My house is 2 blocks away from the Cumberland River and a park with nature trails. Within 20 minutes - 2 hours I can have a giant waterfall all to myself.    

The entire time I was in Los Angeles I felt distracted by the sunshine.  If it is sunny, I feel like I need to be outside doing something outdoorsy.  In LA it is sunny pretty much everyday.  It is a tease.  There wasn't a lot of cloudy days I wanted to get cozy and grind out on my laptop.  I would spend my days in the office looking out at the gorgeous view thinking what a waste of the beautiful day to be sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours.  Nashville is very different weather wise from Los Angeles and there is something to be said about allowing yourself to be apart of the seasons.  Shedding what not longer serves you as the trees shed their dead leaves.  Hibernating in the winter in cozy sweaters.  Watching all your ideas blossom in the spring while the flowers come back to life =] I have a smile on my face just thinking about it.  

A challenging lesson Nashville taught me was to release.  For a while, I was clinging onto my west coast attitude and my a lot of my habits were very LA.  The reality is if you have an LA attitude and habits you kind of come off like a stuck up bitch who is too cool for everything.  I started seeing how everyone in California tries so hard to be a weirdo.  Los Angeles and California in general is a very hyper sexualized place.  One of the biggest culture changes was dating in Nashville.  Guys actually like modesty and don't like party girls. Hooking up is taken more seriously here.  I thought my LA-ness would kind of natural dissipate but I kept running into issues because I was choosing to act how I would have previously acted in LA.  I had to humble myself.  I kept comparing Nashville to LA, and they are not comparable.  In order to truly be in alignment with my new home and enjoy myself, I had to release parts of myself that had died off to further my evolution.  I had to be mindful of myself and my ability to embrace the life I had manifested.

I now know that my soul had to move to Nashville to learn who my identity is, without my ego attached to it.  I had to show myself  who was I without my job, neighborhood, or what club I could get into.  Who was I without social hierarchy or labels or money?  Nashville made me 100% genuine.  I now live my truth daily.

Nashville taught me to go with the flow because sometimes there is a bigger plan for you than you can see for yourself.  A lot of times if you feel stuck, or like you should be more ahead but your not, it is because you aren't really in the right place to help you get there.  Whether it is a job, house or city! You maybe unconsciously holding yourself back. Nashville taught me that you can be in control of the intentions you wish for your life but that ultimately divine timing will take over to get you in true alignment.  Lastly in some weird way, Nashville taught me that it is all love.  Love for yourself, love for each other, love for life and a love for what you do.  That is what makes you happy and that what Nashville has filled me with...LOTS OF LOVE.    

I do miss my friends, family and some of the events I would go to, but I know in my heart that Nashville is my home.  I have traveled to a lot of places, but my life was never the same after coming here.  There is definitely somethings about California I like better, like marijuana dispensaries and the ability to buy alcohol on Sundays but don't worry, I've figured out ways around these old fashion laws lol.  

As always I love you guys! Thanks for being apart of my journey.  If you are new to Nashville, want to move to Nashville or just want to randomly move also message me! 



Natalie Lang