Helicopter Tour Of Na Pali Coast :: Kauai , Hawaii

The Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tour is the best tour in Kauai.  Majority of the island of Kauai is not accessible by foot or road so the helicopter allows you to see places you normally wouldn't be able to.  When I went to Kauai the Na Pali coast was not accessible by boat because of the winter currents, so the helicopter was the only way you can see that side of the island.  The helicopter is an expensive tour per person but a once in a life time experience to see how magnificent nature can be.  

The helicopter takes you around the island in a loop.  It stops by several high rise waterfalls, through the Kalalau Valley and up the Na Pali coast.  The well trained pilots also act as tour guides, telling you facts and history of the island through your headphone set.  

Each helicopter only takes 4-5 guests.  

Each tour records the tour and a DVD of your individual trip with full pilot and guest commentary is available for purchase.  I'd say thats worth it too!

Please review my photos and videos and let me know if you end up going on a tour! You will love it!  

*these photos/videos are not from the purchased DVD..they are from my iPhone.  

Natalie Lang