Dar Sabra Hotel - Marrakech, Morrocco


The Hotel Dar Sabra is an art deco villa with full service resort amenities located in Marrakech, Morocco. The hotel features individually decorated guest suites tucked amongst modern desert architecture. The design, sculptures, curated art collection and interior decorating create a chic and exclusive museum feel. I visited The Hotel Dar Sabra as apart of the Desert Rose Retreat. It was the perfect location for our yoga and meditation retreat for a variety of reasons including the friendly staff, onsite Hammam spa, gorgeous art and zen pools.

The layout of the resort is perfect for large groups because of the spacious suites and numerous private pools. There are central pools and several suites that have their own private pools. No matter where you wander in the resort there is art, photography, libraries, sculptures and gardens designed to simultaneously stimulate and relax you. The resort is extremely photogenic and everywhere can be a gorgeous backdrop.


The Suites

I shared my suite with a friend but we had more than enough space. Our suite included a backyard with a giant aloe garden. We had a large pool and shaded sitting area that we shared with 2 other suites. I enjoyed being able to choose if I wanted to be social or relax by myself. We could also get room service to our pool.


The Food

Prior to our trip I had followed Dar Sabra on Instagram so I knew they threw fabulous parties. I had seen pictures and videos of over the top weddings, fire dancers, dance parties and dinners so I was excited for our Welcome Dinner. The first night the Dar Sabra Hotel organized a fabulous and luxurious four course traditional Moroccan feast outside under the desert sky. We dinned for over 2 hours by candle light. It was the best way to begin our immersion into the Moroccan culture and was a night I will never forget.


At our retreat, every morning the hotel provided a breakfast spread. Our breakfast was a blend of Moroccan foods such as Beghrir ( kind of like pancakes ), traditional continental foods like custom omelettes and a beautiful variety of fruits. The orange juice is heavenly.


During the day we enjoyed the resort restaurant and its poolside service. My favorite day time meal was the goat cheese salad with a side of french fries. I switched off between the goat cheese and Caesar salads.

For beverages I enjoyed traditional Moroccan tea and pineapple juice with mint.


The Spa

The hotel has an onsite hammam. We had originally planned to venture out into town for a hammam experience but honestly found leaving the hotel to be unnecessary. There is a menu of spa packages which include every service from manicures to body scrubs. Our hammam was extremely affordable, especially compared to some of the other resorts we had seen on Instagram. I had two separate services. On our first day my friend and I got a candle lit couples massage. The massage left us relaxed and our skin glowing with Aragon oil. On our last day we got a full spa package. I received a traditional hammam body scrub, massage and facial. My friend chose a full body clay mask instead of a facial.


I would choose The Hotel Dar Sabra if you are seeking an upcscale zen resort with chic and photogenic spaces. The Hotel Dar Sabra really changed how I feel about spaces in general. I realized how important space is to creating a feeling of openness, relaxation, clarity and ultimately transformation. This space is truly sacred because it is someone’s vision come to life and you can feel the uniqueness.


When I travel, I usually book a decent and cheapish airbnb because I know I’ll be spending most of my time outside all over the city. In Marrakech there is quite the contrast between the tranquility of your own private pool and the center of medina. When choosing a place to stay in Marrakech, there are a lot of amazing options for riads, but highly consider you will want to spend majority of your time at the resort. Most of the photos you see of the mosaic tiles, pools and arch ways in Marrakech are from inside riads, hammams and mosques. Therefore, I would really choose the aesthetic of the riad you are looking for. I didn’t realize prior to my trip HOW much time we would be spending at our resort and how little I would want to leave.

The Hotel Dar Sabra is so all inclusive and picturesque that I didn’t feel like I missed out on any sight seeing or cultural activity. In Marrakech we only left the resort a few nights to go to dinner and to go to the markets. I was happy our resort was outside of the city center because it would have been way less relaxing to stay near the medina.

The Hotel Dar Sabra has an amazing front desk staff who can help you do everything from call a taxi, make your dinner reservations and coordinate your shopping purchases to be delivered. This made our trip feel more safe and comfortable when leaving the hotel.

I don’t have enough positive things to say about my 9 day stay at the Hotel Dar Sabra.

Please check out their website if you are seeking a rejuvenating trip to Marrakech, Morocco.

Dar Sabra Hotel